So you are a wanderlust or you want to be someday, but you’re worried about not having enough water to bring. Worry no more! A suitable portable water filter or purifier may be all you need.

What is a Portable Water Filter and Purifier?

It is a hand-carried container that uses a point-of-use water treatment system to disinfect and purify water from sources like rivers, wells and lakes.

They’re usually used by campers, hikers, military personnel, inhabitants, people who have limited access to clean water supply especially those who are living in under-developed countries and those who are always out in the wilderness, those who we call survivalists. In this article, we’ll discuss more about portable water filters and purifiers for camping.

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The Reason Why Portable Water Filters and Purifiers Exist

To further understand how does water filters and purifiers work, we need to have at least the basic knowledge about the viruses, bacterias and the microscopic bug called protozoa that hang around in our water sources naturally. They may be invisible to the eye but they exist like monsters ready to spread harm if taken into the body.

First, protozoa. It is a single-celled organism, an animal-like parasite living in water. It can cause mild to deadly diseases if taken into the body. Heard about Amoebiasis? It’s one of the common disease caused by protozoa and one of its common symptoms is severe diarrhea with blood in the stool. It can be deadly if left untreated. The good thing is, they’re easy to battle. A simple filtration and purification would do. But for now, let’s talk about the first two:

Bacteria. There is such a thing as good and bad bacteria. But in this topic, we only refer to bad bacteria, the harmful ones. Fact: They’re everywhere! And just like protozoa, they can cause mild to deadly diseases. Fortunately, they can be filtered and purified easily.

Viruses, the tiniest of them all. They are the major culprit of water-related diseases. And because they’re tinier than bacteria and protozoa, this monster should be conquered through filters and chemical treatment combined. We’ll talk about filtering and chemical treatment as we move forward.

How Portable Water Filters and Purifiers work

Okay, so before we sound too ‘science-y’ here, let’s head off to how a water filter works and how these systems make our water drinkable. There is what we call filtering and treating methods.

Filtering is done by making the water pass through a device, thus, blocking the unwanted substances, screening and letting just the disinfected water to pass through. Treating, on the other hand, uses chemical drops (i.e. chlorine dioxide or iodine) to purify and treat the water.

A must-do for virus infected water. Thankfully, the presence of viruses in water
is quite rare as it can only be passed through feces (yikes!), unless, you’re in a part of the worldwhere sanitation is a great concern.